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As a Goddess, I have many names. Bast, Bastet, Ubasi, call me what you wish. I am a Protector and Goddess of felines, family, fertility, birth, song, dance, joy and pleasure.

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Indie rp blog for the Egyptian Goddess Bastet, based off Egyptian Myth

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Normal Face claim: Zoe Saldana/Alicia Keys
Older Voice claim: Alicia Keys

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To start new

The Goddess stepped out of the shade of her temple and the warmth of the sun made her smile. Closing her eyes, she tilted her face to the light, her expression serene as she took a deep breath of the fresh air. Lifting her hands, her careful fingers released the braid her hair was wound in, shaking it out to let the wavy locks fall abound her shoulders. 

A little cream cat rubbed against her leg and she scooped the little feline into her arms, stroking her back as she continued out into her garden. Somewhere among the green of the plants, a one or two songbirds were still awake, singing to the emptiness, as all others had tucked in for a mid day nap. It was a delicate sound, their song. Mingling with the trickle of water from her many fountains making the music sweet and light. 

Her smile only grew as she sat on the low wall of the largest fountain to the center of her garden, the blue and white lotus blooms bright against their green leaves, with the occasional dot of pink petals. The smell…Oh the smell was beautiful, how she loved it. It only served to further relax her. Her body relaxing in a way she hadn’t known in such a long time. 

She sat there, staring down at her reflection as she stroked the cats back, the light purr lifting to join the rest of the quiet chorus around her, and she thought back on the last several weeks. It had been difficult in the beginning, coming to a boiling point but she was past it now. She was past and…She could breathe. She survived. 

And she was stronger because of it. She knew now, that she should have done this long ago. But now, she could continue. Now she could truly start new. 

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